Only 19,238 days left to live.

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Laugh like there's no tomorrow.

One of the biggest mistake that we make is to assume that we have time.

Let's say i would live to be 70 years old.

70 x 365 = 25,550 days

I've already lived for 17 years and 107 days.

So that's 17 x 365 = 6205 + 107 =  6,312 days

25,550 - 6,312 = 19,238.

So, if i get lucky and nothing unexpected happends. If i don't get sick, no illnesses, no accidents and become very healthy. Then, i have roughly only 19,238 days left to live. And that's not even guranteed.

That doesn't seem like much as i originally thought.

As i think about my life and how 6312 days have already passed by. I realize how fast it really went. Some of those days have been well spent, most have been wasted. Don't point a finger at me, It's not like i'm the only one. Admit it or not, We live life like there's an endless supply of days, like life would never run out of time and opportunities.

The problem is, when we think we have time, we tend to lax off and forget to truly live.

I guess it's not until we feel it - not until our health declines, we lose someone close to us, we feel how dull life is becoming, how we can't differentiate yesterday from today and how everyday seems like a routine- that we realize how time is a scarcity at once.

But maybe, life has less to do with length and more to do with width. Maybe It's not about living to be 20, 30 or 80 years old. It's about living a meaningful, passionate life, About living life to the fullest.

"Living life to the fullest"? Ever heard of that? Of course! We are constantly told and reminded to live life to the fullest. But how will we do that? It isn't like life comes with an instruction manual.

If you think that i'll be writing a list on how to live life to the fullest, You're wrong. I can't. I'm still on the way to learning how to do it. Besides, We all want different things. It would be unfair to generalize what others want with my own doings and understanding.

But whatever you want out of life, You must develop an "Everyday Mindset". It's a mindset where you remember that today will only happen once. Thus, you need to make the most out of it.

Always remember, You only have one life to live, make it worth living. Do something that makes you happy, Do what you love, Chase after your dreams even if it seems impossible. Enjoy the little things. Live, Love and Laugh. 19,238 days isn't much. So, make things happen now.


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