Happy Birthday Aj! :)))

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1 comments

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Happy birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

This is a post dedicated to my lovely, beautiful, fun, crazy, loud and weird friend - Aj! :) Don't get too excited, I'm only saying all of these because it's your birthday. If it wasn't, I'd be insulting you right this moment.

Happy Birthday AJ! :) You're finally 18. Yes, admit it or not, You're getting older and older. Well, i didn't need to point that out because its obvious - Your skin is starting to wrinkle and you're hair is thinning out. Don't be alarmed, Aging is a process that eventually will affect us all, It just affected you earlier than most. Regardless, I still love you. 

I wanted to wish you with lots of luck and good karma but you don't need it because you have me, I'm more than enough. Right?

As your bestfriend, I have converted all your sorrows into joys, your fears into hope, and your questions into answers. Could you possibly ask for anything more? No need to thank me. Consider it your birthday present.

Kidding aside, I miss you a lot and i really wish you have a fun, exciting, flamboyant, splendid, bright and magnificent birthday. I wish i could be there, so that we could act crazy, make fun of sensible people and laugh till our stomach hurts.

Today, you are given a new beginning. I dare you to start new endeavours with new goals. I dare you to chase after what you want, to live without fear of the future and without regret of the past. I dare you to stop running after people who have hurt you again and again and lastly, I dare you to stop stalking me.

You know, there are probably millions of people spending their birthday today, But i only greeted you. So, that makes you pretty special. 

Here's to more fun, weird and crazy days, Happy Birthday!

AJ :)


  • Aj Jaug said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nkatawa ko sa uban nmung sentences. Grbe kaayo ka ka.confident ba! Hahahahhaha! Anyway, wala koy mstorya lain. Huhuhu speechless bebe! hahahaha! Thank you kaayo sa effort. Na topuch ko. Teary eyed teh! :*

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