8 people i miss

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Going to college isn't easy especially if you have to live away from home. It's fun to live in a dormitory because i have the freedom to do anything i want but it also sucks at the same time since i don't get to see my family and some friends.

So, here are the some of the people that i'm dying to see. They're NOT in any particular order. 

1. Daddy.

 Last time i saw him was about a week or 2 ago. I couldn't help but notice that his hair was starting to turn grey. I wanted to cry and hug him at that exact moment because i was so afraid of losing him. My dad, well he's a great father, I used to think that he didn't love me enough because he barely has time for me but i have learned to realize that everything he does is also for my own good. He's very dedicated when it comes to his job. My dad loves Talisayan and its people, I know that for a fact because i've seen with my two eyes how much passion and love he puts in his work. 

2. Mama Helen

My one and only mama helen. :) She's my grandmother. I haven't seen her for more than 3 months now. I remember when i was younger i couldn't sleep without her by my side. Through good and bad, she has always been there for me. She's like my mother, father and grandmother all in one.

3. My Sister

Ate Rhyanne. Crazy, annoying at times and very loud. She's opinionated and fights for what she believes in. Some people would think that she's a selfish brat. Well, she WAS. but over the years, she really has changed a lot. When people ask me about her, i always tell them that she's talented and very smart. She can sing, dance, paint, draw, write and so much more. She's fearless, she does whatever makes her happy, she doesn't live to please other people and that is something that i really admire about her. She knows that she deserves the best and she never settles for less. 

4. My Brother

Reuel. At first look, he may seem like just another fat kid. Haha. But he's actually much more than that. He can be really really really annoying sometimes if not, most of the times but he can be sweet too and very thoughtful. He doesn't like taking showers or brushing his teeth, it makes me think he's allergic to good hygiene. all in all, he will always be my little brother and for that, i love him. 

5. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ from Butuan

Haira, Ate Mikee, Ate Hazel, Jewel, Kuya Harzel, Recover, Kuya Eli, Ate Divine, Ate Ronalyn, Lang2, Jovani, Cocong, Penoy, Matoy & Bigoy, R.I, Chichan and many others. I miss them. My brothers and sisters in Christ. My kuyas and ates. My baby sisters and brothers. We all have different personalities but the Spirit that we have received is just one. Our bond is much stronger than blood. We love each other and in whatever situation, we know that we have each other's backs'.

6. High School Friends

I'll never forget them. They say high shcool is a lot of fun, i couldn't agree more especially if you have friends like them.

7. Aj and Ethel

They're crazy. We make fun of each other and whenever we're together, we always have a great time. We laugh about the simplest things even if its not funny. We can talk about anything under the sun.. boys, school, family, personal life, and even things that doesn't make sense at all like the way it feels when we really need to use the toilet or how we would abduct someone. Hahah.

8. Mommy

Haven't seen her for probably a few years already. I miss her like crazy but i don't tell anyone cause that would make me look weak, it would make me look stupid. No one would understand how much i miss her especially those people who knew her. They would always tell me that my mom deserves to be where she is right now. They never fail to make me feel as if my mom never loved me though her actions prove that she only loved herself, i choose to believe otherwise. I choose to believe that my mother loved me more than anything.


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