Let Go and Let God

Monday, July 8, 2013 0 comments

Following God.

2 words, 4 syllables, 12 letters. Easily said, oftenly used but rarely done.

Being a Student Pharmacist, We have learned in our DDS class that for a drug to be developed and sold in the market, it has to undergo different trials- preclinical, clinical and postclinical ones. Though this is packed with difficulties, takes a very long time and wastes a lot of money, it is a must that every drug goes through these processes because only after passing it, can we be ensured of the effectivenes and safeness of the drug.

As Christians, Our journey in the Lord is like the drug development process. We undergo different trials. And in those trials, we would have to face lots of complications, trouble and temptations that tries to hinder us from being developed, not into a drug, but into a more good, spritual and faithful follower of the Lord.

Following God is not an easy task. It's not just a walk in the park, It's a dive in the pacific ocean, a run in the great walls of china and even a jump off the highest cliff. If it was just a walk, then it may be a walk in a hot burning coal. My point is, It's not easy. Not just because of the internal forces within us but also because of the temptations outside of us.

We often think that when temptations come, we have no other choice. We are clouded by wanting to give into these that we try to dismiss the fact that it is wrong. We need to be reminded that we are never without a choice. In times where temptations present themselves to us, there is God right beside us, waiting for us to just let go and follow Him. We're not blind but most of the times we close our eyes. We don't want to look at God because often, we want to indulge into these temptations. Why? Simply because temptations are the things we want. They're the things that we desire, we crave for. It attacks our weak spot, our areas of vulnerabiliy. It begins with a tug but give into that small, subtle tug and it will be more like a tug-of-war with a 6 wheeler truck. One that you're obviously bound to lose.

One famous quotation that i usually see on twitter is " Let Go and Let God". This is a quote that i believe, must be stamped on everyone's forehead. The thing is, We're incapable of overcoming these temptations by ourselves. We are not strong enough to withstand the trials and obstacles that comes our way. We are imprisoned in a temptation-filled jail but don't worry, because there is Someone who is more than willing to bail us out- God.

So again i say, Let go and Let God.


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