I have perfected the art of overreacting.

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If you know me personally, then you also know that i have perfected the art of overreacting to simple things. I exaggerate everything and make it seem like it's the end of the world for me. It makes me wish that i was more like Jaden Smith in the movie "After Earth" , Who was asked by his badly-wounded father to retrieve a beacon alone in a planet designed to kill human beings. Come on! If that was me, I wouldn't even reach earth. I'd die from a heart attack the moment that the spaceship started to crash.

My friends always tell me, "Ang OA mo noh" and "Dana Roshayne, Ang OA mo talaga"

Yep, i have accepted the fact that i am very "OA". When crossing a busy street, sometimes i scream a bit and tell the people around me that i'm too young to die.

When i'm jealous, i call a friend and start to pretend like i'm crying and dying at the same time.

15 minutes after watching a sad movie, i'd probably still be sobbing.

Once, when i accidentally poured hot water on my foot, i rushed to the pharmacy and bought gauze pads and an antibacterial ointment. I didn't need it at all.

Those are just simple things and i don't really have a problem with overreacting to those situations. To be honest, I find it funny. But there are certain times when i wish i could just stop overreacting and overthinking.

Like when i offer someone help and they don't accept it, I take it personally and think that they don't like me at all.

Or when a friend doesn't listen to what i say, Well, you know what? I'm sorry for bothering you with my friendship!

When a day passes by and i receive no phone call from my family, i think to myself, "have they forgotten me that fast? Don't they miss me anymore?"

When a teacher gives me constructive criticism, i feel like i'm not good enough, like nothing i do is right. Everything about me is just plain wrong.

Usually, i just keep quiet but then my silence means that i'm endlessly analyzing things. I read too much into what others say and do, even simply not looking at me when passing by makes me feel like a non-significant person.

Yes, i'm an overthinking, overreacting, exaggerating, sensitive teenage girl. And i know that i'm not the only one. These days, i found a technique to control it. Though it doesn't work all the time, But it helps a lot. It's very simple. It's called.. Breathing.

Breath, Just Breathe.

When you had a bad day, Breathe.

When you find out that your crush, Louie, likes a girl from Pharma 2B, Breathe.

When you're living in a dorm just beside your school and still, you're always late for Physics, Breathe.

When you're required to buy a book for NSTP, Breathe.

When you're friend teases you about a guy that you don't like anymore and you really want to hit her bad, Don't, just breathe.


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