Rainbows and Butterflies

Saturday, September 1, 2012 0 comments

Today was a day filled with rainbows and butterflies.

A few hours ago, i attended the Social Class Integration again. Little did i know that one of my fellow guests was.. 

*drumroll please* 

Ezekiel Clerigo Nicdao! 

Last night, I posted on twitter and facebook that my September wish was for him to acknowledge my existence yet today, a day before september begins, my wish has been granted. 

I can't describe the emotions that darted through my entire being when i saw him sitting in front , waiting for the program to start. Ma'am Carreon called me and told me to sit beside him. It's as if destiny, fate or whatever you want to call it made a way for him and me to have some sort of connection. I couldn't sit still knowing that we were just a few inches apart. When the program was about to start and we were walking towards the stage, He actually talked to me.

Let me repeat that again. 

He ACTUALLY talked to me!!!

Wait. It hasn't sink in yet so let me say it one more time, Ezekiel actually talked to me! 

My world then started to shake as if it was experiencing an earthquake that was greater than a magnitude of 7.8. I couldn't believe it. My so-called impossible dream has become a beautiful reality. 

I told myself that this day couldn't get any better but i was wrong because when it was his turn to answer a particular question, he said my name. :)) My name never sounded so beautiful as when he said it. You may say that im overreacting but the fact that i'm no longer a "nobody" to him gives me such a wonderful feeling.

He really is amazing. the way he answered the questions and how he connected with the audience was unbelievably breathtaking. Every time i looked at him, my cheeks turned as red as a non-luminous flame that has been used to ignite a sample of Strontium Chloride. I didn't want the program to end because of a fear that he might never talk to me again but unfortunately, the time struck at 2pm and whether i liked it or not, the  event had to end. 

Still, my heart is filled with such hope that this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Ezekiel, I know that you're not gonna be able to read this but thank you. :) Thank you for making this day extremely beautiful. 


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