Dear Crush, I exist.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 1 comments

I just found out that i have a superpower! Most would probably be enthusiastic about it but i'm not. You know why? Because my power is invisibility.

Wanna know how i found out about it?

here's the story.

After classes, me and my friends went to the Chemistry Department to talk to our Chem. Professor. We we're going to ask her if she could start classes late on Thursday. So, while i was begging her, i looked to my right and guess who i saw? YES! I saw Ezekiel. :) My heart then started to race fast as if it was a competitor in the Milo marathon, I held my chest and tried to calm my beating heart but it was no use. Once again, i single handedly made myself look like a crazy-obsessed girl.

But the question is.. "Did he notice me?"..

NO. He didn't.

He was talking to his classmates, i was just a few steps behind him yet he still didn't notice me. I was even staring at him, i wouldn't be surprised if i was drooling at that exact moment. But did he even acknowledge my existence?


Did he look at my direction?


Believe me, I was talking so loud. But did he even glance at me?


And that is how i discovered my power-- to be invisible in the eyes of Ezekiel Nicdao.


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