New Found Obsession

Sunday, August 26, 2012 0 comments

Crush? Nah.

Love? Nope. 

Obsession? Sort of. 

I like him, i like him a lot. His name is Ezekiel. I haven't actually really talked to him. The longest conversation we had was him saying "Congratulations" and me saying "Thank you". He's about my age, taking up Computer Engineering in the University that i go to. If i was to describe him in 1 word, i'll say he's PERFECT. I never thought that perfection actually existed till i met him. He's smart, talented and really charming. What more can you ask for? But of course, someone like him would never notice someone like me. He's intelligent, I'm just average. He's unbelievably talented, I'm talentless. He's Charming and drop-dead gorgeous and me? well, I'm nothing special. 

The first time i ever heard about him was when my classmates attended the meeting for the BYA scholars. They told me that their new elected president was unbelievably amazing. They were consistently blabbering about his achievements. I told myself that i HAD to meet him. he was just too perfect to be true. 

Then the time came when i first saw him, we were practicing for the "Welcome Freshmen Party". I wasn't wearing my glasses so i couldn't see his face clearly but the moment he spoke, something about the way he talked and moved made me feel uneasy. My heart started to beat really really fast, I immediately asked my classmate who he was. He answered telling me that he was the guy that they told me about. 

August 6, 2012. The day where i got to sit beside him. We were contestants for The Bible Exposition. He was representing the College Of Engineering while i was representing the College of Allied Medical Professions. I remember the rush i felt by just sitting near him. My knees felt weak, i felt like there were millions of butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't even look at him cause whenever i did, my heart stopped beating. 

Days passed by and all i ever did was spend my time trying to catch a glimpse of him. 

Aug. 13, 2012. At about 4 pm, i saw him at McDonalds eating with his classmates.

Aug. 14, 2012 7:00pm. I saw him at McDonalds again. He was probably waiting for his other friends,

Aug 16, 2012. 1:00pm. I was in my dorm and when i looked outside the window, He was wearing his PE uniform while playing basketball with his classmates.
                       6:00pm. McDonalds again. but this time, he just passed by.
                       8:00pm. He was in front of School. their class just ended.

Aug. 22, 2012. I was in the 3rd floor, He was in the 5th. When i looked up, He was going to the Comfort Room. I finally know his room. Its PS 523.

Aug. 23, 2012. 5:00 pm. I saw him again near the ATM machine. He was with his classmate. both of them were sweating. I guess their PE class just ended. 

I am really hoping to see him again and this time, i wish that some miracle would happen and we'd actually have a real conversation. 


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