Love isn't written by Nicholas Sparks

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Before I met him, I had a different idea of what love feels like. I thought it was like the movies I've watched and the books I've read. You see, In books and movies, love is when you chase each other and end up falling in a bed of leaves at a park. It's when you're sitting on a porch, drinking hot chocolate and getting whip cream on your noses, it's a date on the most romantic evening when the moon has brightly lit up and
a candlelight dinner has been set-up just for the two of you, and it's when you dance by the riverside when there's no music playing.

It's about mixed tapes, sweet text messages, kissing on sunset, taking polaroids on
the beach, writing little notes to each other, dancing to your favorite album on some
vintage record player and going on adventures together.

That was what I thought love was all about

But then I met him.

He made me realize that my idea of love was the choreographed kind. I've found that the most loving moments are the ones that would never actually be in the movies. You know when i felt love the most? It's when he trimmed my nails because i was too lazy to do it myself. I felt love when he popped the pimple on my forehead, when ever we sit down in comfortable silence, when we talk about the most random and ,sometimes, disgusting things, When he gets really angry because i do something that makes me feel sick afterwards. It's when he wipes the dirt off my face and It's when he's mad enough to leave yet he still chooses to stay.

Sometimes, like the movies, the right song plays at the right moment and it all seems like my favorite scene in a movie. Those moments are sweet and special but they're not the defining moment of our relationship. Because soon the song will end and real life comes flooding back and then we're just two people again, acting silly and popping blackheads.

Like any other girl, i used to want my love to feel like a movie. I want to create moments that would look perfect for a Nicholas Sparks book. But then i discovered that love doesn't work that way. The reality is, I'd rather have him rub my stomach while watching The Vampire Diaries than have him 'whisk me off my feet and carry me towards an adventure that we both will share together'.


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