What can a woman do without a man?

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"What can a woman do without a man?"

That's a question that i once read in an article. I've also been hearing a lot of similar questions to that lately since it's March-- International Women's Month. It's that month where we are required to attend seminars and forums about Women's rights and are obliged to ingest every word about how women are supposed to be treated equally as men. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining in any way because the truth be told, I love listening to talks about women. Why? because i hate how i am portrayed to be the "weaker sex", or how society depicts me to be "weak" and "fragile". Whether you admit it or not, There is gender prejudice. It's not as evident as before but it still exists.

Suzan Venker once published an article called "To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't equal". Read the article and you'll see how she thinks we should all go back and accept our "gender roles" where men work hard and bring home the cash while the women stay in the kitchen to cook their meals.

Well, that sucks because i can't cook. So i guess i'll do nothing for the rest of my life, right? wrong.

I'm sorry Suzan but i don't believe we should all go back to the time where women were denied the right to vote, get a good education, paid less simply because of gender or be ignored and beaten up by men while at the same time depending on them to support us. If that happens, then surely, even i would believe that we are the weaker sex.

Here in the philippines, Guys want to be called a gentleman and the girls love it because then we are taken care of and put on a pedestal by them. Our bags are carried around, our doors are opened for us, our meals are even paid for and i guess there is nothing wrong with that. It does feel good to be taken care of but i have a love-hate relationship with the idea of it because somehow, everytime that i am faced with these kinds of men, their actions suggest that i am not capable of doing those things. I am, believe me, I am. Sure, you can allow them to treat you like a princess but don't get too used to it in a way that you'll start relying and depending on them to do things for you. If you can do it then as much as you can, please do. I remember when i was in high school, In our PE class, the guys would have to do 20 minutes of heavy excercise while the girls only have to do 12. I never did just 12, I lined up with the guys and did 20 minutes. Sometimes, i'd even do more just to prove that i could. You can call me arrogant or boastful but i feel that as a woman, i have a responsibility to prove to society that i am not the weak nor fragile being that they say i am. Who says that capablities are measured by gender?

This is not an anti-man or a hate post for them, the only reason why i don't put any emphasis on men is not because i think they are inferior but rather because they don't need it. They've been crowned as the superior sex ever since but a word of advice, don't get used to it because it seems like women are starting to put up a really good fight. The thing is, I think women are more than capable to be the superior sex but they're not.. I mean, we're not. I don't know the exact reason why but i have a feeling that one of it is because we tolerate the restrictions that are placed before us by society, We even embrace it. I, wholeheartedly, believe that if only we, women, allowed ourselves to reach our full potential then surely, no one could argue that we are equal if not, even better then men.

Now ask me, What can a woman do without a man? Everything.


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