Obsessed, Once again.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 0 comments

Obsessed, Once again.

You know what's one of my most annoying trait?

It is that i am easily OBSESSED.

I have underlined, capitalized and highlighted the word "obsessed" to emphasize the fact that i really am very obsessive.

I don't know why or who i got it from. Is it because of genetics? Is my mom or dad to blame for this? Is it just who i really am? or did my past experiences molded me into being like this?

I have absolutely no idea but it doesn't matter, whatever the reason is, I AM obsessed.

Obviously, when someone is obsessed, it's only normal to stalk.

You see, there's this guy again. I don't even know if "guy" would be the right word to describe him. He's quite older than me and well, he would probably be more interested in my father than in me.

Get the picture?

I'm not going to write more information about him because i'm afraid that someone who knows him might be able to read this and believe me, that would be really awkward.

I've liked him for quite a while now but i never told anyone nor have i ever wrote about it since it's weird. Actually, the word "weird" is an understatement.

In just a short period of time, i already have gathered enough information to write a biography of his life. I even know his blood type. I mean, c'mon! You've got to admit. I got skills when it comes to stalking!

When i say "stalk", I don't mean the creepy-following-around-type. It's more like the innocently-observing-from-afar kind. What can i say? I am obsessed. Thus, stalking is out of my control and therefore, i should not be held responsible for my actions.

Don't judge me! It's a girl thing, Okay? I wouldn't believe you if you told that me that you have NEVER followed your crush around. We all do it sometimes.Its just that i do it much more often than others.


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