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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 11 comments

Today we had our Examination for both Botany Lecture and College Algebra.

Have you ever felt as if your mind literally twisted into an intangible knot? If yes, then you know exactly how I felt as I was answering my Math Exam. Even an hour after, my mind was still pulsating. When I started to recover from the horrible after shock of such a mind-boggling exam, I saw him. Usually, my heart would be jumping up and down because of the happiness that his presence brings but rather, the opposite happened. My heart did jump but instead of bouncing up and down, it just fell and was broken into millions of tiny pieces. You know why? Cause he wasn’t alone. Instead, He was with the girl that I talked about in my last post.

Yes, He was with her. 

My broken heart was still and for a moment, all I could feel was numbness but in less than a second, Pain surged through my entire being and all I could hear was the hammering of my pitiful heart inside my chest. I tried not to look at them for every time I did, it felt as if I was trapped alone in the darkest abyss while a curved single-edged blade sword was piercing through my heart.

I didn’t know what to do so, I did what I do best – laugh out loud. It was a good thing that my classmate was telling us a joke at that moment cause if she wasn’t then I’m sure that I would appear to be a mentally-ill teenage girl.

I don’t want to be torn apart, I don’t want to fall for a guy who doesn’t care about my very existence nor do I want to be the girl who drowns in an ocean of sadness.

So from now on, I promise myself that I’ll stop the stalking, the delusional imaginations, and the crazy obsessing over one guy – Ezekiel Nicdao.  


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