Let's go CAMPyons!

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C-A-M-P! C-A-M-P! Let’s go CAMP! Let’s go CAMP!

It’s the time of the school year again where our throats gets sore and achy from screaming and cheering too much. Yes, You guessed it. It’s the University Week where all colleges compete in different areas of sports. Whether you’re a fan of chess, a basketball jockey or simply just a bored student, you will surely find a game worth watching and cheering over.

If you know me personally then you probably know that I’m not the sporty type. Ever since my elementary years, my only role in the intramurals/sports fest has always been just being part of the loud audience but still, I loved it. This may sound a bit too cheesy but one thing that I love about being part of this ultra-noisy and wild crowd is that even if we may not know each other , every game that we allow ourselves to get excited with, every chants and screams that we create and every team that we support brings us all together. See? I told you it was cheesy.

This year, I am rooting for .. Drumroll please. “The College of Allied Medical Professions” because of one main reason and that is the fact that it is where I belong. The University week opened with a big bang! Parokya ni Edgar had a concert in school. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan to start with, I even thought that I’d be bored but I was wrong it was actually very fun. They’re not the best when it comes to Vocals but what drew me in and made me love them was their passion for what they were doing. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching them sing and play because in them, I saw a fire, a fire that they convey to the audience and this fire is their love and passion for singing and performing. I just love watching passionate people do their thing, it’s inspiring.

We also had the cultural dance competition. If you’re going to ask me, I think our college and the College of Nursing did amazing. They were my favorites. Everyone thought that either one of us would win but we we’re all wrong. Surprisingly, The College of Education won. I’m not going to comment about their performance since I wasn’t able to watch it because I kind of took a short nap while it was their turn to perform. ( Don’t blame me, I only had a few hours of sleep the night before, so it was expected for me to fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the performances.) But Who am I to say that they didn’t deserve it? I’m sure that they worked hard, practiced a lot and gave it their all and for that, I want to congratulate them!

Now, going back to the sports. We did get to the Championship games but we weren’t able to win much. There were a lot of silver and bronze medals given to our athletes but only a few got the gold. Either way, I’m still proud to be part of this college.  It’s not about winning. You may think that the only reason why I’m saying this is because we lost but you’re wrong. Losing only helped me realize the importance of knowing what you’re playing for.

Do you play just to win?

Do you play just to get an award?

If those are your reasons then forgive me but I think those reasons are too shallow. 

Play not only because of the desire to win 

but play because your heart tells you to 

Play because you love sports 

And play not only for your family, friends and college but play also for yourself.

To end the University week, we had the awarding, ASAP Attacks and Mr. and Ms. University. I watched ASAP attacks. Even saw a few celebrities – Sam Milby, Empress Shuck, Joj and Jai, Bryan Termula. Etc. To be honest, I don’t know the name of the other celebs, I didn’t even know who Bryan Termula was until today. What can I say? I’m not into watching tv. I didn’t enjoy ASAP because I had fever and my head was aching like crazy the entire time. I wanted to go home and sleep but I didn’t want to leave my classmate alone. After the show, I was supposed to watch Mr. and Mrs. University but I didn’t because I knew that I would probably just sleep during the competition. So now, I’m here again, Alone in my dorm room. 

All in all, this university week was fun, I even got a henna tattoo. It looks like someone drew on my wrist with a black marker. Not Impressed. -___- but other than the henna and some coaches who wouldn’t let their other athletes play, everything was great.


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